Why You Should Bother Starting a Blog: Simple Programmer Blog Course Review

You may, or may not have heard of the phrase, Content is King. Whether you have or haven’t, it is very much true. Blogging is a platform for which your voice can be read by anyone on the internet. For example, if you are from London, England, someone in Texas, USA could potentially read your blog about Microsoft’s key features to MVC Core – or whatever your subject is. Crazy, right?

Well, not really. Blogging has been a ‘thing’ for many years now, but still, there are people not taking full advantage of it. Perhaps they see blogging as something that they don’t have time for. Well, it is true that blogging will take time out of your day, but surely, to build a brand or gain awareness, isn’t it worth it? According to DemandMetric, On average, companies with blogs produce 67% more leads per month than those without. So, shouldn’t you have one too?

Get Started

For those unsure of how to start a blog, or how to get traffic to one, there are some really good guides out there. I recently enrolled on John Sonmez’s blog course, and best of all, it’s free. The Blogging Course Workbook (which I highly recommend purchasing) only costs $5 (£4.05). If you are unaware who John is, he created a blog called Simple Programmer, and that has made him quit his 9-5 job and earn a living online. Not only that, but it also helped his programming career, because it showed businesses and hiring managers that he was passionate, and also that he knew what he was talking about.

To sign-up to John Sonmez’s blogging course, go to https://simpleprogrammer.com/lp/create-your-blog-1/

What do you get from the course?

You will receive an email everyday containing detail descriptions and tasks in order to start your blog, From determining your niche topic, to creating a WordPress blog, and to planning your schedule and getting traffic to your site.

In the past, I have used other courses and read guides on the internet. But, the reason why I like this course the most is that it is very detailed and to the point. It explains why you should do something, and the potential rewards for doing so. Could it go into more depth? Sure! But, then wouldn’t that just bore you?!?

Besides, John is a very humble guy, and he started in a position that is no disimiliar to you or are, probably. Ok, so this blog might not be my first attempt at blogging, and I do like writing. However, John’s wisdom, knowledge and his keeness to help is worth a lot. Actually, before I enrolled onto the course, I sent him an email with a query, and he was very helpful and somewhat inspirational in his response. I  then found his course on his site and had to sign-up.

As mentioned, I would high recommend purchasing the additional workbook. I for one find it easier to read tasks from a PDF rather than an email. Plus, the workbook has additional features and goes into a bit more depth than the email course. I learnt some solid gold nuggets of information in this course, and so can you too.


So, to summarise. Do not worry if you don’t think that you are an exceptional writer. It doesn’t matter. Don’t fret if you have never used WordPress, or even written a blog post. It doesn’t matter. Don’t stress out wondering how to drive traffic to your site. Just get started now. It is easy to get nervous and to doubt ourselves. But, fortuantely there are great people out there, such as John Sonmez that are willing to help you out fulfil your dreams, with courses such as https://simpleprogrammer.com/lp/create-your-blog-1/

Just remember, it starts and ends with you.

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