What are your values?

This week, I have taken a slight turn. Sometimes in life we get a bit lost. We might ask such questions as, why am I doing this? What is the meaning of this?

Such questions might come about because we lack direction an clarity on who we are, and what our values are. I am in this boat sometimes. I think it is important to sometimes think and write about who we are and what we think. If you think that there are two good books that contain exercises that can help you answer such questions:

Both books do ask similar questions; The Chimp Paradox asks you to think about yourself aged 100 on your deathbed with a minute left to live, and you have to answer a question that your great, great-granddaughter, what she should do with her life. This book also asks you to complete your stone of life. A list of things that you adhere, in the following categories:

  • Truths – what are your 3 truths about life?
  • Values – What do you believe in? These aren’t truths because they can be debated.
  • Lifeforce – Your mission statement. The things that you believe in.

The 7 Habits book asks a similar question, but this time it is your funeral. What would you want your friends and family to say about you?

Both are perhaps uneasy to think about, but at the same time spark a rather important thought – what are we doing with our time, and are we living by the values that we say to others to adhere to. If not, then we are simply living a lie.

For me, these questions are important but it brings clarity to what we are doing. Are we living for a happy life, or are slogging away, without joy, putting important such as family and close friends to the kerb.

If you do have 5 minutes to spare, then perhaps stop, and think; what are my values? How do I want others to think of me? And, am I doing what I want to? Am I adhering to my life values.

What are you values?

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