My week in isolation

What I did to stay productive during a week where I tested positive for Covid-19.

February 2022, England; appears to be moving away from lockdowns, social distancing and mask-wearing. Long seem the time where we could not see friends and a vaccine seemed a long way away. Now, bars and clubs are open, football, cricket and rugby stadiums are full and cinemas are back to take us to faraway places. Whilst it seems that things are back to normal, the possibility of catching Covid-19 is, of course, is still high; and on the 4th of February, I did a lateral flow test after wakening and feeling a bit ‘headachey’; the result was positive.

The line is faint, but unfortunately, this is a positive lateral flow test.

The rule at the time was that I had to isolate for at least 10 days unless after day 5 I had 2 consecutive days where I tested negative. This meant that I could not leave my house, go to the shops, go to work or have friends visit.

I felt like I was back in lockdown, yet even in lockdown, I was allowed to go for a walk. However, I wasn’t going to let this experience get to me. I decided that I was going to use my week in isolation to get stuff done; once I felt well enough to do so of course. Thankfully, my symptoms were mild.

Small accomplishments

Living on my own, and being in isolation was a bit boring, to be honest, but I did aim to be as productive as I could. Isolating meant that I had to work from home (when I felt well enough to do so), it also gave me more time to play the guitar in the evenings as I wasn’t as tired, more time to learn in the morning and evening, and more time to work on writing and side-hustle. I recorded a few music covers for social media, practised singing whilst playing the guitar, learned more about project management and productivity, finished an audiobook, worked out at home using dumbells and a barbell and also updated my site On top of this, I cleaned. I would recommend cleaning your house/flat/room. Whether it be hoovering, or wiping services. Very important to when one has covid. Also, it is something to do, and it needs to be done anyway. No excuses now.

Whilst it was good to save money, work from home and achieve some of my goals, by day 5 I was starting to get cabin fever and I really wanted to see friends and family again. By, Friday and Saturday I was testing negative again, and thus I could. And so ended my week in isolation…

A negative lateral flow test.

I’m not a medical professional, however, if you do want practical advice then please visit the NHS website for information. You can also order lateral flow tests from the NHS website as well.

Stay safe.

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