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Getting Started (Again) – Blog Post #1

This isn’t my first adventure into the world of blogging. I have previously written about guitar playing for Computing and technology for; and also about goats for Music and fashion with I have also written about football, chainsaws, food processors, just to name a few others. I mention these not to brag, but really to demonstrate that this blog post won’t be my first (or hopefully last). I am merely getting started with a new project that I am more excited about than anything before.

But, what will I be writing about?

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This blog space will be about my findings, successes, and pitfalls that I will come across in becoming a Drupal developer and writer. I will showcase what I have learnt in the past week (or few days), regarding the aforementioned topics, as well as SEO and digital marketing, as-well-as other things that have caught my gaze and interest – including guitar and travel. I will also be writing about ideas or features that have caught my attention and that I wish others to know about.

This is the start of a new chapter for me in writing, Drupal development and online marketing. I want to do well, but also I want others to do so too.


About me.

As you might have guessed, I like writing and Drupal web development. I think I like these two because of that they require a lot of creativity. They, for some reason, are things that I wish to improve upon. I don’t find them difficult, but I also find them to be a challenge too. I like using Drupal because of the fact there isn’t any programming for you, the user to do, however, the learning curve is still pretty steep, compared to other CMS platforms such as WordPress – for which I have used in the past.

I play the guitar and would consider myself a rhythm guitarist. I am in a band, but we are fairly new, and thus haven’t performed anywhere yet. We do, however, have plans/goals to do so this year, as well as, creating content for YouTube. My drummer already does so (I’ll provide a link in the future). I have performed live before (and got paid!). This was in my previous band. We played in Luton, England, outside, in the middle of December, just before it started to snow. It was for a birthday party and it was a fantastic experience; even if we did have some technical issues and that my hands were so cold that I barely play.

I digress.

I like to keep fit, play and watch football, and I have even started fencing. 


I hope that this small introduction has been useful. I am very intrigued and excited to be starting this new chapter, and as mentioned will document my successes and unfortunate events here. I am not afraid to try new things and to experiment, so let’s see where the future leads…


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